Distortion of Facts about 9/11


Details of the Construction of the Twin Towers

The twin towers were a completely unique design. A design that did not have the steel internal structure like every other building on the planet. This design used the exterior wall as its only support from a central core enabling the clear span of wide open spaces in the floor  plan. 


It doesn't take 1500 degrees to weaken steel

The biggest lie of the conspiracy theorists is that jet fuel doesn't burn hot enough to melt steel. Fact is heat any heat weakens steel with out having to melt it.

9/11 Conspiracy Theories debunked


Conspiracy theories only works when people do not know or understand what is involved.

Con Theory #1 The buildings just  turned to dust

-Wrong: The  14.6 Acre,  WTC Building Site was excavated 70 feet deep giving massive  space under ground level for the buildings to fall into and disappear.

Con Theory #2 The twin towers were a controlled demolition 

- Wrong: There was no noise of explosions and the puffs of dust seen as each  floor collapses were due to the nature of the balloon type construction  where each floor would act as a bellows.

Con Theory #3 Steel melts at 2700 degrees and fuel burns at 1500 therefore the planes could not have caused the collapse.

-Wrong: Heat weakens steel at a temperature lower than 1500 degrees, and in  this weakened state, steel would be unable to support the weight of 20  stories above, and once the momentum started there is not any structural  material that could have stopped the falling.

Con Theory #4 the buildings should have toppled instead of coming straight down

-Wrong: The Twin Towers were of unique design they were built like a tube with a  stick down the middle on which the building would slide down. 

Con Theory #5 Because the twin towers were bigger they should have had a bigger  impact on the seismographs than the Seattle Kingdom Controlled  Demolition did.

-Wrong The fact that the  seismograph shows a lesser impact than the Kingdom seems to prove no  controlled demolition on any of the three buildings.

-And the manner in which the Twin Towers fell also would lessen the seismic impact.

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WTC 9/11 Politics

Building 7 Amidst the Rubble

Building 7 Amidst the Rubble

Another Bill Clinton admin debacle setting up the  training of  terrorists to hijack planes for 9/11

We have not found one conspiracy theorist who is promoting Controlled Demolition to be speaking 100% of the truth. 


God  has a saying in the bible, you can't find grapes on a thorn bush and  you won't find figs on a thistle. Meaning if there is one lie from  someone none of what they say is the truth.

So why  would anyone lie about this or anything like it. Well how many  scientists jumped on board with the lie of the climate change issue??  Why?? Follow the real money! NWO!

Well the WTC issue  that should be explored and is avoided, is how did Clinton admin  organize illegals to come into America and join with other muslims here,  get the training to fly and let them slip under the radar during the  first 8 months of the Bush Admin?

And what year did the muslims become the tool of choice by the NWO to take down America?

Is  that why we see the promotion of the lie of WTC controlled demolition,  to take the heat off the muslim connection and find a scapegoat to throw  some innuendo at?

Also the video of the flight path of the plane hitting the pentagon was not a path that any missile would take.

So  many questions, the truth of which scares the NWO colluders that for 18  years they have worked on tweaking the minds of Americans to busy to  search the facts and a lot of time to manufacture fake scenarios.

Building 7 Amidst the Rubble

Building 7 Amidst the Rubble

Building 7 Amidst the Rubble



Building  7 fell seven hours after the Twin Towers, posing as a perfect candidate  for conspiracy theories. But Building 7 has several unique  characteristics that very easily explain how and why it fell the way it  did.

Con Theory #6 Building 7 was a controlled Demolition

  • Building 7 was built over a Electrical Substation which, in and of itself contains volatile chemicals capable of long burn time
  • There was a subway line that came through the WTC complex that exited the site through the basement of building 7 
  • The  WTC site was a 14.6 acre hole 70 feet deep with a structural lid in it  to form a surface at ground level, and when the towers fell into this  hole that area became a bellows that would blow fire through and under  Building 7
  • Also The conspiracy Theorists seem to always show 3  sides of Building 7 but never the side that was toward the North Tower.  and that side of the building in it's entirety was absolutely  devastated.
  • All the facts show that there was zero controlled  demolition, including there was zero actual explosions that come even  close to mimicking real Demolition explosions!