true Republicans follow our constitution! the law of freedom


We are a Republic not a Democracy

As soon as we have laws that are ignored we have chaos. Those that want majority to determine what the laws are rather than moral values to be the ruling factor, no longer want to protect their citizens. True Democracy is mob rule!

When we have corrupt people in government who make decisions for their benefit Americans are Hurt!

American Freedoms come from upholding the Law!

The Constitution of the United States when followed protects every individual. When ignored "We the People" suffer!

I am American because!


We have a clear divide between right and wrong!

These Ideals are American principles upon which we are established. Without the protection of enforced laws no ones rights are safe and our country stands in ruins. Anyone who does not uphold these principles is un-American


Frederick Douglas 1818 - 1895


"I  am a black dyed in the wool Republican...and I never intend to  belong  to any other party than the party of Freedom and Progress"

     -Frederick Douglass 


The rule of law gives all men opportunity

Our Congress today has gone about establishing a different set of laws that enable them to steal the property and monies of the American People. Instead of getting elected to serve they go to pad their wallet!

Americans in name only!


No Rino's Please

Politicians of Democrat leaning policies run for office as Republicans as they could not be elected as Democrats. Their voting records show they are not true supporters of American Principles and are called RINO = Republicans In Name Only. These RINOs and those of like thinking have become the tools of the deceitful for tearing down our society!


Leadership Makes Difference

One of the things that has happened with President Trump being the leader he is , we see some RINOs making some good decisions, redeeming themselves.


Vetting our Candidates

As a society we have become bogged down with the day to day that we don't spend the time to find out who these people are that are running for office. Our Media has become a tool for deceit and are not fulfilling their definition of reporting facts!


Not Who they Claim to Be

Some have violated the American trust so deeply and repeatedly it is amazing they got elected so many times!


Bribes taken by RINOs to pass legislation

CSKT Water Compact is the most egregious legislation ever passed. On top of the bill being egregious the way it was passed by breaking parliamentary rules is appalling!